House Bill 2295 – FACT SHEET

  • Mar 14, 2017

House Bill 2295

Also see Goldwater Institute HB 2295 Bullet Points


What it does


  1. Separates the regulatory functions from the trade association purposes of the State Bar of Arizona;


  1. And thereby eliminates the longstanding regulator/trade association conflict of interest that impedes public protection and disservices lawyers;


  1. Makes paramount core regulatory functions to protect the public;


  1. Puts all regulation under “active supervision” of the Arizona Supreme Court;


  1. Respects the free speech rights of attorneys by limiting forced funding of the State Bar only to regulatory functions;


  1. Increases transparency should the Arizona Supreme Court maintain the regulatory structure as it presently stands by subjecting the State Bar to normal public records requirements like all other state regulatory agencies.


What it doesn’t do


  1. Does not dismantle the State Bar;


  1. Does not stand in the way of the State Bar continuing to collect voluntary dues to pay for its non-regulatory operations;


  1. Does not eliminate mandatory membership in the State Bar;


  1. Does not restrict the State Bar from continuing to provide trade association benefits, services and activities;


  1. Does not disturb separation of powers.